VIDEO PREMIERE: The Ghosts of Searchlight – Shutdown

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Ghosts of Searchlight – Shutdown

Southern California-based surf-rock/post-rock band, The Ghosts of Searchlight, unveils the visuals for “Shutdown,” a track from their recently released album, Sprawl.

Talking about Sprawl, guitarist Brian Horn says, “‘Sprawl’ was a chance for us to take a step forward by stepping back. A chance to slow down, take our time with the music and allow moments to breathe.”

He goes on to add, “With ‘Sprawl,’ we wanted to expand the Ghosts sound and branch into unexplored territory: a 4-track, some mandolin, strings, even seven-year-old beatboxing. We’re usually a three-piece capturing live energy, but this one was all about layering the sounds that either made up life around us at the time or haunted our dreams.”

Formed in 2006, The Ghosts of Searchlight took their unique name from a small silver mining town in the Mojave Desert. After releasing two albums – These are … The Ghosts of Searchlight and Here Lie … The Ghosts of Searchlight – the band went on break. Revived in 2020, Ben Kaplan adds drums, bass, and accompanying guitars.

“Shutdown” opens on baroque, sleazy keyboards leading into tight percussion topped by a rumbling bassline and scorching surf-rock guitars echoing with thick waves of Dick Dale-like textures and energy.

The video, directed by Brian Horn, features vintage clips, along with wicked-cool Hot Wheels cars and what seems like miles of track. Proximate camera work gives the shots of the cars wild speed.

“Shutdown” merges tasty savours of retro surf-rock with stimulating images to provide an alluring audio-visual experience.

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