VIDEO PREMIERE: Scott Krokoff – Far Too Many Times

VIDEO PREMIERE: Scott Krokoff – Far Too Many Times

New York-based Americana artist Scott Krokoff unveils the music video, “Far Too Many Times,” a song about the common problem of communicating with and getting through to others.

Scott explains, “This song is about someone trying to convince his significant other or friend to change your attitude and stop wallowing in your own misery but despite many efforts can’t seem to break through, even though that misery is holding that person back.”

The video, directed by Ben Fraternale, features actors Spencer Steeby and Hannah Yukon, playing a couple who sum up and personify Martin Strother’s famous line in Cool Hand Luke: “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”

Shot from a humorous perspective, the visuals depict the various approaches, ranging from talking about it in a public setting to using a third party to, in the end, when all else fails, realizing you have to move on.

A real-life, practising attorney, Scott Krokoff did what most people don’t – he decided to pursue his dream of music. Releasing A Better Life in 2007, he followed with Realizations and Declarations, Vol. 1, and then Vol. 2 a few years later. Vol. 2 garnered vast praise, with its feature single, “Scared Little Boy,” becoming a finalist in the UK Songwriter Contest.

A finger-picker guitarist like Paul Simon and James Taylor, Scott has performed in most of Europe and shared the stage with Grace Weber and Elle King, receiving beaucoup airplay in Europe and North America. He also co-hosts the Writers Room and live streams via Instagram – One Up, One Down, One Cover.

“Far Too Many Times” rides gleaming guitars flavoured with hints of bluegrass and potent folk-rock, full of alluring colours. As the tune takes form, a delicious driving rhythm pushes the melody forward as Scott’s deluxe voice imbues the lyrics with tasty textures rife with frustration. A wonderful solo section gives the harmonics surging dynamics.

Upbeat and brimming with tantalizing washes of sound, as well as the rich voice of Scott Krokoff, “Far Too Many Times” bubbles with satisfying sonic layers.

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