VIDEO PREMIERE: Lover - 'Fallen Famous' - Watch Now!

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lover - 'Fallen Famous' - Watch Now!

Fallen Famous is the brand new re-released single from six piece London based pop/rock band Lover. Taken from the album Human Geography, it continues the upward path from the London six-piece.

2017 is the year Lover decide whether you’re allowed to be a part of their world or not. With a morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs - are you ready to explore life no one thought could exist outside literature? Where dissatisfaction is bohemian and vaguely Marxist in origin, Lover are here to show you the beauty in the darkness.

A cross between the song you can’t get out of your head, and something you’ve never heard before but are desperate to hear again, Lover will stimulate your aural senses with music from the depths of dark and twisted cognition. You’ll find everything was grey before discovering this band, now grey is blue and lines are blurred - yet you’ll witness more of the world than you ever deemed possible. You’ve been offered a window into the unknown, are you ready to jump?

Watch the video for 'Fallen Famous' BELOW:

Lover are: Vocals: Sarah Bradbury, Drums: Jamie Moore, Guitar: Matt Fowler, Bass: Casp Howes, Keys: Florence Sabeva, Saxophone: Terry Edwards

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