VIDEO PREMIERE: Lords and Liars – Killdozer

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lords and Liars - Killdozer

North Carolina-based alt-metal outfit Lords and Liars unveils the music video, “Killdozer,” their audio-visual testament to Marvin John Heemeyer.

The band’s frontman Gray Tyson III explains, “‘Killdozer’ is Lords and Liars’ homage to the actions of Marvin Heemeyer, a man who felt wronged by his community. Due to perceived bureaucratic strangleholds, Marvin decided to take matters into his own hands and outfitted a bulldozer with composite armour consisting of multiple layers of concrete and steel. During his rampage, Marvin destroyed numerous buildings representative of those that had maligned him, including the town hall and local newspaper.

No one other than Marvin himself was injured or killed during his display. Whether this was due to Marvin’s conscience or sheer luck, we will never know.  With heavy hitting guitars, mechanically inspired drums, and direct lyrics, Lords and Liars hopes the song ‘Killdozer ‘captures the chaotic spirit of the events of June 4th, 2004.”

Directed by Tony Murnahan, the video blends shots of Lords and Liars pushing out wickedly galvanizing layers of thrash metal, alt-rock, and industrial metal with actual clips of Heermeyer’s modified Komatsu bulldozer – the Killdozer – rampaging through buildings in Granby, Colorado.

Watch ‘Killdozer’ – BELOW:

Similar to a revved-up-on-steroids version of the movie Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas, the visuals depict the pent-up anger of a man who’s had enough. Mirroring the crushing power of the Killdozer, Lords and Liars pump out raging, harsh-textured metal music palpable with surging, annihilating muscle.

Ferocious, impulsive, and reckless, “Killdozer” teeters on the brink of intense sonic mayhem.

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