VIDEO PREMIERE: London Songwriter IZZA Returns with Stunning Live Visual for ‘Made Up My Mind’

VIDEO PREMIERE: London Songwriter IZZA Returns with Stunning Live Visual for 'Made Up My Mind'
Credit: Sam Rockman

Returning with the second single from her debut EP, rising alt-pop songwriter IZZA stirringly strikes at the heart of personal renewal, abandoning the past with fortitude on fresh-cut ‘Made Up My Mind’.

Trickling guitar strokes and vaulting vocal refrains coalesce to furnish the London-based artist’s unnerving yet liberating lyrical space, a reservoir of ruminative tonal textures summoning a febrile yet resolute atmosphere. Produced and written with Pieree-Laurent Faure and Luis Isserman – It’s a track that cements IZZA’s organic-pop sound, preservation from her critically acclaimed first single ‘Lows’

Watch the stunning live visual for ‘Made Up My Mind’ – BELOW:

A music obsessive from a young age. her multi-faceted approach can be traced to childhood years spent immersed in a genre-blurring range of musical influences. Honing her craft, she developed her sound from artists as diverse as Bill Withers to Amy Winehouse, to Disclosure. Her hard work and undeniable talent, has seen her harness the esteemed production expertise of Grammy Award-winning Adele and Bjork collaborator Matt Lawrence as well as Ivor Novello winner Iain Archer, famed for his work with James Bay and Snow Patrol.

An innately creative commitment shines throughout IZZA’s rapidly growing catalogue of songs, each track paralleling a soul-searching inner private sphere with a broader zeitgeist-tapping dimension – There’s a depth to both IZZA’s sound and lyrics that you discover when you start peeling back the layers. The levels begin to gently untangle as the melody carries you. Made Up My Mind was originally written following a breakup and deals with conflicting emotions of loving someone as a friend, and the pressures that society puts on people regarding doing ’the right thing’. Feeling lost IZZA sings to herself “I made up my mind, it’s gonna be alright” to reassure herself. IZZA says:

“The song that was inspired by a past relationship turned into so much more for me, as it also reflects my experience in the music industry. Made Up My Mind is about learning that you don’t have to cave into the outside pressures of pretending everything is fine and trying to please others. It will never make you happy. Instead, listen to your gut instinct – it will help you make the right decisions!”

The music video directed by Daisy Chain Video and set in the stunning Mandrake Hotel in London shows IZZA coming back to her room after a night out. As IZZA goes about her very unusual daily bedtime routine, she also removes her heart, her eyes and her brain – metaphorically switching off her own feelings, senses and thoughts.

“We wanted to add a twist to this video. Making up your mind can be hard. Sitting in your own thoughts and really listening to how you feel isn’t something we are very used to as a society. Maybe we struggle to make up our minds because we are so used to switching off, instead of listening to our gut instinct.”

Listen to ‘Made Up My Mind’ – BELOW:


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