VIDEO PREMIERE: Last Giant – Idiology

VIDEO PREMIERE: Last Giant – Idiology

Portland, Oregon-based alt-rock outfit Last Giant unveils the music video for “Idiology,” from their concert film, Live From The Hallowed Halls, a live EP releasing May 28.

Shot in a studio in Portland by Brian Nelson, the video is simple yet evocative. Four musicians form the points of the compass, facing inward, and lay down a sound blending ‘70s rock tinged with progressive savours and dynamic, blues-laced psychedelia. Imagine Pearl Jam covering Led Zep with Tommy Bolin on lead guitar and you have an idea of Last Giant’s sound.

Ryan Heise (guitar, vocals), Matt Wiles (drums), Palmer Cloud (bass), and Bo Fickle (guitar) provide the sonic impetus of “Idiology,” a song confronting the web of lies, machinations, and abuse of power by Big Brother-like government.

Opening on rumbling drums topped by snarling, lysergic guitars, “Idiology” surges forth on potent washes of edgy alt-rock. Heise’s voice imbues the lyrics with pugnacity, informing the powers-that-be he’s cognizant of their deceptions.

“Blame us for burning it all to the ground / Burn it down / The world’s going off the rails / Idiology / The idiots won / The idiots won.”

“Idiology” discharges wicked layers of muscle, alt-rock music drenched in undeniable visceral energy.

Watch the video for 'Idiology' - BELOW:

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