VIDEO PREMIERE: Kristian Marr - Space and Time

VIDEO PREMIERE: Kristian Marr - Space and Time

‘Space and Time’ is driving and assured indie-rock from Newcastle born singer-songwriter/musician Kristian Marr and is accompanied by a timely music video offering the prefect respite for us all right now.

Kristian says: "'Space and Time' captures the ups and downs of daily mental health. It shows the frustrations of isolation and not being able to fit in after its destruction but at the same time grounding you and preparing for the days to come. The song was written and recorded before Covid-19 and yet it feels so fitting. I don’t think we need to be locked in to feel isolated however this pandemic has made us all subject to that struggle. It explores feeling lost within oneself and seeking to find answers in a world you feel alien from."

Raised in the South East of England, Kristian lived and played the London music scene with numerous artists and toured across Europe. He has now moved to Barcelona seeking new influence on his music and songwriting. He writes about his past and presents stories in his life whatever good or bad. Much of the music has been developed whilst travelling and playing shows across Europe organised by his Italian manager. He recently recorded his first solo album in Italy near Bergamo in a small town called Susio and has the single “Space and Time” ready for release.

Watch ‘Space and Time’ - BELOW:

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