VIDEO PREMIERE: Grandmother Corn – ‘Snowball Season’

VIDEO PREMIERE: Grandmother Corn - 'Snowball Season'

Today XS Noize is pleased to premiere the video for Grandmother Corn’s latest track Snowball Season. An upbeat fun song sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face during a miserable cold winter. 

Snowball Season is the third track on Grandmother Corn’s new album Don’t Look Back. The song has been a live staple for the band for a little over a year. It draws influences from the works of Talking Heads, Gary Clark Jr, The Clash and The Black Keys.

Sonically the track features a wall of fuzz guitars & basses and everything was recorded on tape to get the sound as raw as possible. The funky jam part at the end of the song is really the band’s nod to their musical heroes.

In Snowball Season lyrics are more related to absurd art whereas the other songs on the album are more story-based.

The music video was shot on VHS tape to make it look as raw and fuzzy as the track sounds like. The video features the track’s lyrics and they are given an unusually big role. Just like Grandmother Corn’s previous music videos Snowball Season video has a lot of comedy in it.

Check out the video for ‘Snowball Season’ – BELOW:

Grandmother Corn is a Funky Indie-Rock band from Finland. The group is known for their energetic live performances and has gained a remarkable reputation in the Fenno-Skandian underground music scene. Since 2017 Grandmother Corn has released two LPs with the last one selling out in just couple of months. For most of 2019, the band have been extensively touring the UK, Western Europe & Nordics.

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