VIDEO PREMIERE: FROM WHITE TO GRAY - ‘Red Brick Roads' - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: FROM WHITE TO GRAY - ‘Red Brick Roads' - Watch Now

London based Indie pop act From White To Gray presents to you his new single, ‘Red Brick Roads' exclusively with XS Noize. Red Brick Roads looks into themes of missing home and being in a new city surrounded by young fresh faces. Touching on themes of working late nights in bars and then all day in the studio ‘FWTG’ creates music which reflects the repetitive feel a new city can bring, while also being laced with nostalgic thoughts of the past through being around new people.

Fragile soul bearings vocals set the tone for a journey through the unknown, memorable nostalgic 90’s style synth stab rhythms are lased with new and unknown string sections to create something both recognizable but also new. Charlie (FWTG) composed this single while studying for his MA in Creative Music in Leeds. He decided to research the relationship between electronic pop music and their distant counterpart of classical stringed instruments. ‘After being at uni for a few months I realized the classical students and electronic/pop students rarely mixed their chosen musical styles of playing, composing and performing.

Having always composed music by ear I decided to incorporate large string sections into the music I was composing and then record them live in the studio with classically trained musicians.’ Red Brick Roads is the first single of many to show the results of Charlie’s approach to a different kind of electronic pop music.

Check out the exclusive video premiere of ‘Red Brick Roads' - BELOW:

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