Here come the ET Boys, straight out of Miami, unveiling their first single/music video, “Sober,” via Wake Up! Music, the label operated by Pepper Gomez.

Made up of siblings Tacboy and Sharkeyes, the ET Boys grew up immersed in the world of music, dancers, and musicians. From the mystical sounds of the sitar to the pulsing rhythms of Flamenco, they heard it all, followed by appearing on stage with their mother, House Vocalist and CEO of Wake Up! Music, Pepper Gomez.

As preschoolers, they began formal music lessons: piano, guitar, drums. Now young men with impressive college degrees – Sharkeyes is a doctor and Tacboy is a model signed with IMG – they started collaborating on music while in college. Sharkeyes shared tunes he was composing with Tacboy, who added melodies and lyrics to the songs.

Likened to Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison of The Doors, Sharkeyes’ gift lies in composition, rhythms, and layered leitmotifs, while Tacboy supplies lush vocals, stylish lyrics, and sex appeal. At the present juncture, the ET Boys have a catalogue of 30 songs and are preparing to drop their debut album soon.

Sharkeyes explains, “These sounds cannot be forced into creation but rather are born from the bonds of brotherhood.”

“Sober” rolls out on a thumping, driving pop-flavoured rhythm topped by swashbuckling layers of dense musical fibres, infusing the tune with both subterranean and luminous sparkling colours. Shimmering breakdowns shift the harmonics, adding dollops of psychedelia, and then ramp back with delicious sonic muscle.

Tacboy’s deluxe, swanky timbres imbue the lyrics with nuanced savours, ranging from mellow, sighing textures to hefty tones brimming with intoxicating resonance. Combined with the dreamlike visuals of the video, “Sober” pumps out tantalizing sheens of yummy Nu-pop music.

Watch the video for ‘Sober’ – BELOW:

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