VIDEO PREMIERE: Drew Davies - 'Living The Dream' - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: Drew Davies - 'Living The Dream' - Watch Now

Following press and radio acclaim for his recent Man On The Run debut single, singer-songwriter Drew Davies is back with another new track and video. Living The Dream showcases his rock n’ roll songwriting chops with driving new wave guitars working in tandem with a hooky, Andalusian-inspired vocal melody.

"When I wrote Living The Dream I had recently removed myself from a number of unhealthy relationships and thrown myself into my work,” explains Drew on the new single. “Whilst I had become somewhat of a hermit in those days, I also met a wonderful woman and started a love affair. The song is about going your own way and is a snapshot of that period in my life - the lyrics are quite tongue in cheek and centre on the rejection of the 'rock n roll' lifestyle that had been thrust upon me, the new love in my life and the scene from where I was writing the song."

Whilst Drew hails from the North of England he is an adopted Londoner; he’s trod the boards of venues and festivals across the UK and Europe with various bands, worked in musical collaborations, written for other artists and sang in session gigs to get by. From cutting his teeth and paying his dues in some of the seediest venues you’re ever likely to see, to recording in some of the top studios on the planet - these experiences all played their part in his arrival at this vantage point, from which he brings forth this solo material.

Musically Drew pulls from a vast array of influences that stretch from 50s rock n’ roll to modern electronica. From the hook-filled classic rock of Roy Orbison and Tom Petty to the cinematic synth sounds of John Carpenter, Vangelis and Kavinsky, his music is imbued with a heavy tenderness; wrapped up in the genre-bending timelessness of artists like Bowie or Eurythmics.

Check out the XS Noize video premiere of 'Living The Dream' - BELOW:

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