TRACK PREMIERE: MuMu unveils her latest single ‘The Bitch In Me’

TRACK PREMIERE: MuMu unveils her latest single 'The Bitch In Me'
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MuMu’s music is one with many messages, including those about women’s sexual satisfaction – as heard on “Ladies First”, to the seemingly endless stream of political bullshit we’re all subject to and have to listen to/deal with on a regular basis a la “Battle Cry.”

She doesn’t just want to make people think and feel with, and through her music, she wants to inspire and uplift. “Women are sometimes confusing, and they’re complicated,” she says. “My music is a window into that experience. But it’s also fun…it’s pop. And if the message is too much for someone at that time, hopefully, they can just dance.”

When she’s not enthralling listeners with her powerful, thought-provoking songs, many of which have been inspired by her activist godmother who advocated for children’s rights, MuMu blends her love of music with her love of acting and most recently starred in – and wrote all the songs for – the critically acclaimed musical film Best Summer Ever alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, and Benjamin Bratt.

Having started song-writing at the age of 9, however, it’s always music she comes back to – it’s her genuine passion – and XS Noize are proud to premiere her new single, the “fuck you” anthem “The Bitch In Me.” She wrote the song after she started hanging out with a new neighbour last year. “My first impression of her was: “she’s a bit shallow, but I’m sure there’s more than meets the eye.” I was wrong. And no matter how patient and hopeful I was, I couldn’t find the hidden gems under those shallow waves,” she shares. “I feel like a bitch saying all this even now after I’ve written a song about it. Women are my muse. I write and sing for them. I live and love with them. I wanted desperately to love thy neighbour woman, but she brought out the bitch in me!”

Writing the song also taught her an important lesson – that: “…it’s ok for me not to like everyone. I don’t need to be puking hearts and rainbows all day, every day. I can get angry and be resentful. I can write a bitchy song about my bitchy neighbour and hope to god she never hears it.”

Listen to ‘The Bitch In Me’ – BELOW:


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