TRACK PREMIERE: Hunters Chorus - The Deal

TRACK PREMIERE: Hunters Chorus - The Deal

San Francisco Bay Area instrumental indie-folk outfit Hunters Chorus, led by guitarist-composer Ramon Fermin, debuts the brand-new single “The Deal,” a track from their forthcoming sophomore album, The Boy Ain’t Right, a seven-track collection of songs mirroring his disenchantment and retreat from his career in classical guitar.

Explaining the album’s mellow textures, Ramon shares, “I wanted to make music that invites people in right off the bat, versus music that punches them in the face. There’s nothing wrong with loud or aggressive music—I’ve previously written heavier music—but, with this record, I wanted to create a space for people to breathe.”

Recorded using from-the-floor live takes highlighting the group’s spontaneous back-and-forth, the tracks on the album, including “The Deal,” project an ineffable ambience.

According to Ramon, “I wanted this album to have a soft, organic, living room feel with all the funny little imperfections that come about in the process of just throwing it together.”

Accompanying Ramon are Elyse Ader (viola), Pat Murphy (bass), Hilary Lewis (violin), Ben Boye (piano, keyboards), and Jason Slota (drums).

The lingering pensive quality of “The Deal” manifests Ramon’s internal conflict revolving around his love for rock music and his persona as a classical guitarist.

Ramon discloses, "The track was developed during a time that I was working through letting go of an identity I had developed and allowed to take hold of me for a significant period of my life. It was written amidst the emotional fallout of pursuing a path that wasn’t right for me, and eventually coming to a kind of acceptance to be able to see it all in the rear view.”

Opening on a gorgeously radiant acoustic guitar, “The Deal” flows into a soothing melody riding a throbbing rhythm. When the velvety, redolent tones of the violin and viola enter, the tune assumes surfaces of exquisite grace, elegant, wistful, and at once fragrant. Beautifully arranged, awash with svelte tendrils of sumptuous hues, “The Deal” is a wonderment.

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