TRACK PREMIERE: Generation Dude – ‘Top Of The Heap’

TRACK PREMIERE: Generation Dude - 'Top Of The Heap'

Irreverent rock duo Generation Dude get refreshingly nostalgic on their upcoming EP Crimes Against Yourself, due for release on 21st February 2020.

Throughout the EP, the duo combines elements of classic rock, blues and folk to create a sound that is completely their own. Opening track Radio Pills is undeniably infectious from the offset, as uplifting horns soar over vibrant key chords and effortless harmonies to create a sound akin to the likes of The Who and Tom Petty.

Ballad tracks such as Airplane Model-Glue and Top Of The Heap, have a more blues-inspired tone, as the duo’s rich instrumentation is able to take centre stage and vintage guitar twangs are at the forefront. Of the album, Terence Schoshinski (lead vocals and guitars) explains, “the writing and recording of these songs unfolded organically without time pressure, yielding a sonic session of Everyman Therapy; get in the sunshine, dump a bucket of cold water on your head, own your roots and talk back to the man.”

Listen to ‘Top Of The Heap’ – BELOW:

In 2014, Terence left his home in Venice, California with a suitcase and guitar and headed to the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. There, he was able to escape the rat race and reconnect with his folk music roots. When he returned to Venice he reconnected with Steve Refling (drums, guitars and backing vocals) to record their debut album. With Crimes Against Yourself, Generation Dude hopes to captivate listeners with their invigoratingly updated classic rock soundscapes.

Crimes Against Yourself is out on 21st February 2020.

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