TRACK PREMIERE: Emerging artist ELDR returns with her ethereal new single 'Spinning Tops'

TRACK PREMIERE: Emerging artist ELDR returns with her ethereal new single 'Spinning Tops'

After dazzling us with her incredible debut EP ‘Defender’ in 2019 and receiving the PRS Women Make Music fund, emerging singer, songwriter and composer ELDR, has now returned to deliver her spellbinding new single ‘Spinning Tops’ which XS Noize is pleased to premiere today exclusively. 

Much like what we experienced from her initial collection, ‘Spinning Tops’ sees her in a bold yet ethereal guise. Channelling a broad and atmospheric direction, interwoven with her own captivating voice, her newest offering sets the stage for a new and revitalised artist at the helm, pursuing a richer and more cinematic intention throughout.

Speaking about the new release, she said, "After experiencing a very destructive relationship, I became aware of my own psychological numbness and complicity, as a means of survival. Spinning Tops is a love song to anyone in a similar situation. It’s about the fragility each of us quietly carries, and the need to rise above self-destructive tendencies. Fundamentally, it’s a call to realise your power.

“I’m going to ride these cannibal desires... You can’t be another... Rise from your apathy.”

As a scholar from the National Film & Television School, who has since composed award-winning scores and soundtracks for the likes of BBC, Sky Arts, BFI, and Film4, as well as commercial work with Vodafone, Lynx, and Cadbury’s, she has always viewed music as a grander and more expressive line of work. Leading her to explore musical projects that would allow her to be her true self, but this wasn’t always the case.

After beginning with her first project White Russia, she found herself in the midst of the commercial music machine. She found the experience confined and restrictive, unable to truly express herself and forced her to take a step back into the pursuit of something more organic. This is when she formed ELDR, a broad and euphoric exercise that sees her channel the energy of acts such as PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Daughter and Bjork, while also giving her work a more cinematic approach.

ELDR is a representation of her most honest and untethered self. Growing up in an occultist background, which went on to lead her down the darkest paths of organised religion, she has since rejected much of those beliefs but still finds truth and hope in their rituals. These principle guides in her life have allowed her to see that there are always two sides to every faith, both in darkness and in light, forming the basis of what she wanted the ELDR project to focus on; a rejection of the fundamental patriarchy of the modern world and a way in which to promote self-acceptance, empowering victims of abuse, however, they have been harmed.

After releasing her debut EP ‘Defender’ in 2019, she gave birth to her first child. Finding herself in lockdown with a newborn, unable to perform live, she began visually recording her experiences of motherhood. With many commenting that family and a career in the music industry are incompatible, it became a necessity to show those that this wasn’t the case, and so ELDR: TV was born, a DIY reality series about music-making and motherhood.

ELDR is now more than just her latest guise, it is the truest interpretation of who she really is. No longer dealing with the insecurities and pain of her past, she has a renewed and more positive vision for herself. Not faking who she is for the sake of an audience, she is exposed from all angles, creating an honest and authentic look at herself and projecting that back to us through her captivating music.

Listen to ‘Spinning Tops’ - BELOW:

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