TRACK PREMIERE: Colin Angus (The Shamen) Presents – Moship ‘A2E ft Michael Horowitz’


Colin Angus (The Shamen) and Digital Habitat are joined by guest orator Michael Horowitz to release their first “Moship” track “, A2E ft Michael Horowitz” (the Antidote to Everything) – a celebration of the power of psychoactive substances available on the 80th anniversary of “Bicycle Day” (the original Lab Leak), when acid godfather Dr Albert Hofmann wobbled home on two wheels, inceptively experiencing the full spectrum of psychedelic effects from the nascent LSD-25 he had recently synthesized and imbibed.

The lyrics to A2E are an extended mix of a talk Michael gave at the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel in 2006 honouring Hofmann.

Moship celebrates the 80th anniversary of wo/manity’s original innerspace encounter with the Spirit of Basel aka the 25th Wonder of the World aka the Antidote to Everything, in the form of debut release A2E ft Michael Horowitz.

In an audacious audiovisual-digital intervention (featuring special guest orator Michael Horowitz), we wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend this most marvellous medicinal (safe and effective) scientific elixir and do Highly Resolve to issue this Life Style Decree: create A2E release A2E and consume A2E. i.e Lieb Sich Dich!

Listen to Moship ‘A2E ft Michael Horowitz’ – BELOW:

Moship is an electronic music duo consisting of Colin Angus and Digital Habitat, both cohorts unique backgrounds and influences, creating a sound blend of psychedelia, house, ambient, and dub elements.
Digital Habitat released various nuggets experimenting with the above musical vibes from London and a northern coastal outpost.

Colin is a Scots musician, lyrical cultivator, entheogen advocate & (m)adventurer. Colin was in The Shamen, who made psychedelic music from the mid-80s to the end of the 20th century & had a chart hit with Terence McKenna. Colin and Digital Habitat linked up at a performance by Violetta@St Pancras Old Church, then began musing together remotely before initiating Moship during the dark daze of the plandemonic/ crockdown era.

Michael Horowitz is an American writer, editor and psychedelic historian. He co-founded the world’s first psychoactive drug library, co-edited collections of Aldous Huxley (Moksha), Timothy Leary (Chaos & Cyber Culture) and women’s drug literature (Sisters of the Extreme), and was Leary’s archivist and bibliographer. The lyrics to A2E are an extended mix of a talk he gave at the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel in 2006, honouring LSD discoverer Albert Hofmann.

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 Moship 'A2E ft Michael Horowitz'

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  1. I’ve known Mike since 1971 and this is the culmination of a life dedicated to expanding human consciousness.

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