TRACK PREMIERE: Automaton - Take Me Home

TRACK PREMIERE: Automaton - Take Me Home

Automaton started writing music in the early naughties when everyone it seemed was having a bedroom studio hit...”I felt sure I could manage some alchemy of my own as Id always wanted to pick up music, I became a DJ, I couldn't stay in my office job, Id been an ice skater before that so I picked up my pen (a dodgy old copy of Cubase on a Microsoft computer Id bought from my position as a receptionist in a dot com co.) Done and Dusted."

Brighton then and hanging out with Breakbeat DJs she started to formulate some kind of style…"It was very pop orientated, I didn’t know why, as I was listening to Radiohead and catching up on music Id missed as a kid like The Smiths, I think I imagined I could write for pop groups, girl-bands. I didn’t see myself as the singer at all but started to use my voice as an instrument”

She then worked for labels launching other people’s careers for ages, honing her record producing on the sly in the studio. She learnt on the job listening to the radio, never formally trained and she started to write songs, something which became easier as time went on.

In the beginning of 2017, she penned her first album as Automaton “At The Edge” … "The album is a collection of songs wrote almost consecutively like the albums Id listened to in the 90s where every song is different and has something to offer, and the LP is a whole body of work.”

The new album ’The Calling" written mostly in 2018 and 2019, flowed more easily for Automaton than the first and felt like it wrote itself. It covers many styles from Electronica and synthy dance/pop songs to the desperate and angry “I'm Dreaming” which sounds like it would be at home on a Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. So here we are, drum machine at the ready, album 2 about to be released and album 3 already written.

Listen to 'Take Me Home' - BELOW:

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