TRACK PREMIERE: The Empty Pockets – Outside Spectrum

TRACK PREMIERE: The Empty Pockets – Outside Spectrum
Credit: Janet Takayama

Chicago-based indie-rock/blues-rock outfit The Empty Pockets introduces the lead single and title track, “Outside Spectrum,” from their forthcoming album, slated to drop on August 12. The album delivers carefully crafted songs soaked in technicolour tones, stripped of 21st-century technology while still brimming with innovation, along with a fantastic guitar contribution from Grammy Award Winning, former Wings member Laurence Juber.

Led by husband and wife Erika Brett (vocals) and Josh Solomon (guitar), The Empty Pockets are presently headlining, opening, and backing Al Stewart on tour. In 2015, The Empty Pockets released The Ten Cent Tour, which hit number 10 on Billboard’s Americana/Folk Albums chart. The following year saw the band serving as backing band for Al Stewart, Gary Wright, and Simon Kirke and duetting with Kenny Loggins on PBS Soundstage.

Four Billboard charting albums followed: Voices, Snow Day, Tanglewoods, and Live in Seattle. During the pandemic, the band quickly shifted to live streaming, resulting in Pollstar listing them as one of the top International Livestreamers of the year.

Josh explains, “We played in different rooms, without being able to see each other. When we came back together in the same space, it felt like we had acquired magic powers of communication.”

“Outside Spectrum” opens on bluesy guitars, dripping with sleazy textures. The pulsating rhythm gives the tune a seductive cadence as Erika’s soulful vocals imbue the lyrics with smouldering tones, ranging from smooth and melodic to potent and snarling.

At once, raw and slick, “Outside Spectrum” thrums with oozing blues flavours highlighted by the steamy voice of Erika Brett and lusciously trashy guitars.

Listen to ‘Outside Spectrum’ – BELOW:

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