TRACK OF THE DAY: The KVB - Violet Noon

TRACK OF THE DAY: The KVB - Violet Noon

Another wondrous track taken from The KVB's latest album 'Only Now Forever'. The gorgeous, otherworldly 'Violet Noon' ventures down calming, ethereal avenues, glowing with a sad beauty as it slows down the pace. Its blissful, aeronautical properties are complimented wonderfully by its misty chords, demonstrating how the duo are really coming into their own.

“‘Violet Noon’ is a dark love song set against the backdrop of the apocalypse,” the band explains “While the world falls apart all you can think of is the person you want to spend those last moments with.”

“We shot the video last October, on the last unseasonably warm day of the year on the Jurassic coast in Dorset on the south coast of England. For us, the dreaminess of the video perfectly reflects the otherworldliness of this song, it feels like a hazy memory, timeless and romantic.”

Described as "darkwave" by some, and "psychedelic electronica" by others, to these ears, the London duo's music brings together the influences of Joy Division, OMD, the Jesus And Mary Chain, Neu! and the vast majority of the Mute Records back catalogue in a lysergic, dreamlike brew of shoegaze, Krautrock and techno pop. One of the best albums of 2018, 'Only Now Forever' has seen the audio-visual group step up to a new level. It also features the propulsive 'Above Us', and the introspective, melodic beauty 'On My Skin', while the shimmering euphoric surge of 'Into Life' is a wonder to behold. Elsewhere, there's the excellent, menacing 'Afterglow'. It's one of the best albums of the decade, and you'd be a fool not to check it out.

A review of an amazing gig they played in Bristol in November last year can be found HERE, along with exclusive live videos.

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