TRACK OF THE DAY: Streets of Roya - “All Eyes on Me” - Listen Now!

TRACK OF THE DAY: Streets of Roya - “All Eyes on Me” - Listen Now!

Streets of Roya is the new project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Wespi. Pulsating at times, Streets of Roya’s energetic yet intimate sound is based on the playing with contrasts, allowing the songs plenty of room for movement and surprises. With his unique voice and playful guitar-sounds, Wespi manages to create an escape for the audience. Stylistically, it’s situated somewhere between alternative Pop in the vein of Kodaline and Jack Garratt as well as atmospheric Indie such as Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Wespi – Originally from Zurich, Switzerland, is not only a musician but also a globetrotter. He’s lived in London, Berlin and more recently Los Angeles. Beneath the hot Californian sun is also where he wrote and produced his most recent material for Streets of Roya, which can really be felt on his new material.

The newest offering ‘All Eyes On Me’ was recorded in a studio in West Hollywood and is a critique of the 21st-century zeitgeist: “Inundated with information, half-truths, political correctness and a wide spectrum of different ideologies, we all seem to create our very own reality and trying to hide behind such. People talk a lot but nobody is actually listening. We make judgements upon other people’s opinions without even trying to see their side. Your own beliefs and personal reality become the sole truth. It seems like our own selfishness leads us to drift further apart from each other.”

Listen to “All Eyes on Me” BELOW:

2018 is set to be extremely exciting, with new music on the way and seeing the band performing all over the world.

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