TRACK OF THE DAY: Model Depose - 'Damage Control' - Listen Now

TRACK OF THE DAY: Model Depose - 'Damage Control' - Listen Now

“Damage Control” is the latest single from new wave, Netherlands - hailed Model Depose and the first from their second album, which also happens to be called “Damage Control” and is due for release this September. This follows their successful electronic debut “Splitting Light” (2016).

The band have stated that they intend to release a new single and video every month from here on now to give the fans a flavour of what lies in store on the forthcoming record. “Damage Control” is trademark Model Depose – it’s frenetic paced, stirring, high energy pop – this time opening with fizzing guitars, pounding drums and pulsating electronica.

The song refers to witnessing the world come undone, of feeling like it’s on a collision course – and all we can do is dance to make the best out of the doom and gloom. Lead singer Roeland van der Velde’s vocal always packs a punch and here he is on top form - fervent and feverish as he sings: “As we watch your blood turn into wine, you’re struggling, throwing away every lifeline/ as we watch your blood turn into wine, you’re struggling…you’re struggling”

The catchy, chanting chorus is ACE – it heaves with high-tempo techno dance beats, cymbal smashes and rock guitar beats, (notably taking more prominence). I love the liberation of the chorus and the feeling of surrender.

“Damage Control” is a great track - synth-pop spiced and with dark, techno reverberations revealing the light and the darkness. Model Depose’s identity is maturing – both musically and lyrically – without compromising on their ability to construct original songs reminiscent of dark wave and rock with distinct, emotion-filled vocals.

Listen to “Damage Control” - BELOW:

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