TRACK OF THE DAY: HOLY HOLY – ‘Sentimental and Monday’

TRACK OF THE DAY: HOLY HOLY - 'Sentimental and Monday'

‘Sentimental & Monday’ is the newest track from the band, which last week hit the Top 20 chart of Hype Machine and was listed as ‘Track of the Day’ on Q magazine. Says Timothy Carroll ‘Sentimental and Monday’ has a bit of different feel to some of other songs – “it uses a hip hop beat and a boy choir at the end to build up to the outro which I love. We also used sped up piano in the middle so there’s a few little tricks in the mix on this one.

This song is about two things. First was the coming of the winter in Sweden and the way the city feels as the long dark season approaches and the second was about leaving Stockholm with my girlfriend after we had lived there for a year. It’s about leaving loved ones behind that sentimental feeling you get saying goodbye…”

The film clip for Sentimental & Monday was created by Josh Dawson, guitarist Oscar Dawson’s brother, a director living in Berlin producing short films and video projects. For this track he created an otherworldly dreamscape of seemingly impossible scenes. Shot from the window of a passenger jet, the clip references the themes of moving away and pushes into the unreal.

The album ‘When The Storms Would Come’ was largely recorded on 2-inch tape and produced by Matt Redlich in Brisbane, Australia. It will be released in the UK on 30th October 2015.

Watch video for ‘Sentimental and Monday’ BELOW:


23rd October – Botanique/Witloofbar, Brussels
24th October – Let’s Get Lost, Zwolle
25th October, Molatow Sky Bar, Hamburg
27th – Comet Club, Berlin
29th – Ekko Utrecht
30th October – London Calling, Paradiso, Amsterdam
31st October – Liverpool Music Week, Liverpool
2nd November- Lexington, London
3rd November – Soundcontrol, Manchester

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