Top 5 Inspirational Books For Student Self Development

Top 5 Inspirational Books For Student Self Development

There is much more to be learned in life than what is taught in schools. One’s personality is an inherent part of their individuality, and just as one trains their minds with books, it is essential to train one’s character. Personality development refers to developing an organized pattern of attitudes and behaviours that makes a person distinctive. By continually evolving and changing their thought patterns, one can embark on the thinking development journey to help make them better human beings.

While pursuing college or university education, students can do more than reading subject books to get started on their self-development. Teachers may even assign books for self-development to students as part of their compulsory reading. Many lessons can be learned by seeking out such books. One may also benefit from reading free essay samples about book here: One may learn how to have a positive outlook and attitude towards life by reading some of these inspirational books.

Here are some of the top inspirational books for student self-development that all students can benefit from:

1.How to win friends and influence people: Dale Carnegie

This book is the holy grail of personality development and is a must-read by people of all walks of life. We are all social animals and work better in groups. As a student, one must learn how to make good friends and maintain friendships throughout life. It helps people hone their personality to become influential, leading to leading an excellent social life with a promising career.

2.The 4-hour Workweek: Timothy Ferriss

The secret to having a successful career is to work smarter instead of harder. Some people can spend hours and hours in their job and still go nowhere. In contrast, the rest can put in fewer hours and still get more work done. This book is one of the best for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to earn as much as possible while putting in fewer hours than their counterparts who work a 9 to 5 job. Ferriss teaches his readers how one can make a substantial income while working just 4 hours in a week.

3.Small move, Big Change: Caroline Arnold

In the book, Small move, Big change, Caroline Arnold questions people’s commitment and inability to stick to their resolutions. She theorizes that most of us fail to keep up with our obligations because they are either too vague or too big. She then proposes incorporating ‘micro resolutions, slight behavioral modifications, that can help individuals achieve a permanent change in their lives.

4.The Happiness Project: Gretchen Rubin

Most people spend their lives trying to be successful in their careers and put their personal feelings aside while trying to achieve their goals. Gretchen Rubin, in her book, The Happiness Project, reminds her readers that what we are in the ultimate search of is not success but happiness. Rubin studied happiness, focusing on 12 aspects of her own life, and tracks behaviors and habits that increased her satisfaction. She has since shared her findings with other aspirant readers who value happiness.

5.Failing Forward: John C. Maxwell

Every one of us is scared of failing. This is one of the fundamental things that we are taught early on: to succeed. But the truth is, each of us fails at some point in our lives. In his book, Maxwell asks readers not to look at failure as a step back but a step forward. Most achievers look at their failures as a lifelong epidemic even though it is just a minor step back. By owning up to our failures, we can grow as people and make better decisions. The book teaches individuals to observe their weaknesses and learn from them.

Students must find the time to read some supplementary self-development books along with their course subjects in college. Those who succeed in doing so can learn important life skills to last them a lifetime.

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