THE DOORS – Released ‘Light My Fire’ on this day 1967 – Watch

THE DOORS - Released 'Light My Fire' on this day 1967 - Watch

The Doors On June 3rd 1967, The Doors released ‘Light My fire’ from their debut album and scored their first number 1 single in the US charts. The Doors were founded by Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison in Los Angeles in 1965. They released their eponymous debut album, which contained their hit single Light My Fire, in 1967 and went on to be one of the most controversial and influential rock acts of the sixties.

Jim Morrison’s early death in Paris in 1971 only served to fuel their legend and both he and the band have continued to enjoy iconic status for more than thirty years.

Enjoy some of their best work BELOW:

The Doors – Light My Fire on MUZU.TV.

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