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THE DOORS - Released 'Light My Fire' on this day 1967 - Watch

While many students don't know what to do with themselves in college, others get the best out of their student life and even start a different career.

Student life can be full of fun and unexpected turns if you are a guru of time management or know how to click the right link to get help with assignments and have more spare room in the schedule. And while many young people waste their precious time and don't know what to do, even on weekends or during a summer break, others live to the fullest and do what they like most. You might be surprised, but some iconic and world-famous bands appeared in college thanks to the students who were passionate about music. Thus, now you know that you don't necessarily need to attend a conservatory to get into the industry. Many musicians chose completely different specialties at first, but their love for music won out. Besides attending parties, spending nights over books, and arranging TV show marathons, your campus life can provide you with numerous opportunities to make your dreams come true and reveal your talents. Most bands had different names in their student years, but the main front men and team members have stayed the same. Of course, some of their full-fledged albums were created much later, but they laid the foundation right in their academic institutions.

Coldplay - Safety

While many young people believe that their college friendships will end up right after graduation, some lucky men manage to meet this challenge. Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland are living proof of this statement. They met during their first year at University College London. Their dorm provided all the opportunities to get acquainted with other students and start casual talks, so it is not surprising they met their other bandmates there as well. Initially, they decided to name their band Pectoralz, but fortunately, they changed it later for a more sophisticated option. The band was formed in 1996, and only two years later, they managed to create their first mini-album Safety to present themselves to record companies. However, only the next mini-album, Brothers & Sisters, made them truly popular in their homeland. After graduation, they signed a contract with Parlophone label and started working on their first full-fledged album containing about 5,000 copies. If you have never listened to this stunning band, it is time to fix this situation. A reliable online essay writing service will help you make room in your schedule for a new experience and get your papers done on time.

Queen - Queen

The story of this world-famous band had started before Freddie Mercury became its lead singer. Three students started a band when they attended London's Imperial College, and their first concerts took place at their alma mater, which represented an advanced performance space at the moment. When the initial frontman left the band, his place was occupied by a young student Farrokh Bulsara, more famous as Freddie Mercury in the future. Their performance was so impressive that they became famous outside the campus. Queen released their first self-titled album in 1973, which they had been recording for two years while studying in college. Many people call this band iconic and groundbreaking thanks to their approach to their music and the special effects presented on their shows.

The Doors - The Doors

The band members met at UCLA Film School. The frontman wasn't much interested in getting a degree, but he continued studying because otherwise, he could find himself in the Vietnam War. When they were about to graduate, they decided that their skills were a perfect match to achieve great results together. Their knowledge gained at school came in handy when they started working on video clips. All the songs created at the dawn of their career accompany more late songs and became a part of the debut album, The Doors.

Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

1963 became a momentous year for three young people who studied architecture at the University of Westminster (back in days, Regent St Polytechnic London). When they created a band, they couldn't decide on the name at first and changed it many times until they came up with the current one in 1965. They rehearsed their compositions in the college basement. The band's frontman was expelled from college after two years because he neither attended lectures nor kept up with the curriculum. They released their debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn only in 1967.

R.E.M. - Murmur

All the band members were students at the University of Georgia. Their milestone meeting happened in 1980 when the frontman studied art and photography. However, all the members decided to choose music over a degree and abandoned the university. First, they played only at birthday parties and family events, but after releasing their first album Murmur in 1981, they started moving up in the world. They worked on their reputation and the place under the sun during the next five years when they managed to prove their worth and unique style of playing. It is funny that they chose their band name randomly when flipping through the dictionary.




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