The Different Types of Guitar Stands and How to Choose the Right One

Guitar Stands

A guitar stand is an essential piece of equipment for any guitarist. Having one is a good idea, so your instrument is always in the same spot and doesn’t get damaged. Not only will it protect your guitar from dings and nicks, but it will also keep your guitar in tune longer.

Several guitar stands are available, including those that hold the neck or bottom end of the guitar, guitar wall hangers, straps for portable stands, acoustic chair-style supports, and more. The type that is best for you depends on your needs and preferences.

In this post, we will discuss the different types of guitar stands and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Types of Guitar Stands

One of the most common guitar stands is the X-style stand, which has four legs that come together at one end and an adjustable neck holder. This is a very stable style of stand and usually holds the bottom or side of your guitar, depending on what you prefer. These stands also have rubber feet to help protect your guitar’s finish.

Another type of guitar stand is the A-frame style, which has two legs connected by an arm and can hold both sides of your instrument. The A-frame style can be less sturdy than some other types but offers versatility because it can be adjusted for different-sized guitars. It’s also often easier to transport than other styles because it folds flat.

Wall hangers are another option for guitar stands, which can be ideal if you don’t play your guitar often and only want to keep it within reach when you do need it. These hangers typically attach to the wall right above your instrument or the wall on which it is leaning. You’ll need to make sure that you have a stud in the wall and mark the placement to get a good grip on the item itself. Wall hangers are not as sturdy as some other options, but they work well in certain situations.

Portable stands are great if you’re always on the go with your guitar, such as if you go to gigs or practices frequently or take lessons outside your home. These stands typically strap onto your belt and can keep your guitar in tune when you’re not playing it.

Acoustic chair-style stands are another type of guitar stand with an adjustable neck rest that fits over the back of an actual chair. This is an excellent option for guitars with nitrocellulose finishes because they don’t usually need special padding to protect them from damage.

How to Choose

When choosing the right type of guitar stand for you, there are several things to consider, such as durability, stability, weight, portability, price point, and more. Consider how often you’ll use your stand and whether or not it will be transported regularly before deciding what kind to buy. You may want to try several different styles to see which works best for your needs.


Ultimately, the right guitar stand is one that keeps your instrument in good condition and meets your budget and preferences. Carefully consider these things before making a decision, so you can buy the perfect guitar stand for your needs and enjoy playing your favourite songs without any worries or distractions!

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