ON THE TURNTABLE: Masako Ohta & Matthias Lindermayr – MMMMH

Masako Ohta & Matthias Lindermayr - MMMMH

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Classical pianist Masako Ohta and trumpet player Matthias Lindermayr first met at an award ceremony in Munich, where they are both based. The two hit it off immediately when they quickly discovered that they were fans of each other’s music, so I guess it was a no-brainer that they decided to work together.

We’re certainly blessed that these two uber-talented musicians made that decision. The beauty of MMMMH lies in its simplicity; quite literally, just a piano and a trumpet can be heard throughout, and that’s all that’s needed. It’s an album to get truly lost in and one that finds you wondering where’s it going next. Given that most of it is improvised, it also has a very ’live’ feel.

MMMMH was apparently recorded at a friend’s apartment, which adds to the simplicity; there’s no faff here, just extremely chilled, gorgeous Jazz music with a Classical touch. The title of the album comes from a friend who said she didn’t like clapping at the end of a live performance, preferring instead to say “mmmmh”, so with that in mind, it gets an extra loud MMMMH from me and 10/10 for the beautiful design and artwork too. If you want to escape the noise this Christmas, indulge yourself in MMMMH.

Listen to Masako Ohta & Matthias Lindermayr – MMMMH – BELOW:

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