Spanish post-metallers F/E/A unleash a brand new video 'PL5' - Watch Now

Spanish post-metallers F/E/A unleash a brand new video 'PL5' - Watch Now

Spanish post-metallers F/E/A (Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra) unleash a brand new video 'PL5' via Primavera Sound's label El Segell.

They say: "'PL5' was one of the first songs we composed for the album and is one of the most basic, direct and straight songs. We have always liked the idea of making simple songs and, later, try to extract from the small details in the apparent amorphous chaos. The drums added by David Álvarez from the band Maresme and the trumpet of Mark Cunningham makes PL5 the heaviest and most punk song of the album. We knew for sure that Clàudia Gómez had to do this video. She’s a video artist with a very special universe and we think that kind of universe with her. She has done a work that fits perfectly with a track that we wanted from the beginning to become a lull of reindeer and visions."

Joined by a common obsession in 2013, a group of unorthodox musicians and activists (members coming from such different groups like Marasme and Lost Fills, Too Ugly To Prostitute and Crash), formed Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra.

Check out the video for 'PL5' - BELOW:

Evolving through the years and with each project, they have established themselves as a fierce collective daring to put together an ambitious artistic project (like [Cambra Osucra] (Dark Chamber)) or burn it all down to ashes with a blow of white noise and infinite repetitions. Their fixations take us to a less kind side, like Swans o Sunn 0))), but you should also cite other references like GY!BE, Mono o Russian Circles. Since their beginnings, the band has had a dogma of simplicity and forcefulness, sounding hypnotizing and narcotic at times, releasing its psychedelic vein to show a more monolithic, martial and primitive side.

Never losing the will to evoke landscapes beyond the human horizon, their force stirs, like the scene of a Japanese population three days after a tsunami; The dawn of the ruins. It is this spirit that shaped their first two albums F/E/A (2013) and Pastor (2014), a thread that they still maintain in their latest work Congo, the most solid and energetic piece yet, where the Majorcan group pull from the tales of lost sailors (Jeronimus Cornelisz, Reverend Jim Jones, Captain Kurtz) to construct a sonic leviathan turned into a requiem for all those, who in the search of their own paradise, only created their own version of hell.

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