PREMIERE: J. Müller – ‘I Surrender i’ (Wolfgang Gray remix) – Listen Now

PREMIERE: J. Müller - ‘I Surrender i’ (Wolfgang Gray remix) - Listen Now

Check out our exclusive premiere of J. Müller’s – ‘I Surrender i’, Wolfgang Gray remix. Formerly the lead singer of ‘80s inspired funk/pop band Black Forest Ghetto, J.Muller’s first solo single written and produced by herself. The track titled ‘I Surrender i’ is the debut single from her forthcoming EP J.Muller 2.0. She describes the EP as an unfolding of the first stage of the journey she has been experiencing over the past three years as a spiritual awakening.

“‘I Surrender i’ is about the process of waking up and realising that the world is not as it seems and that there is another way to perceive, and experience life on earth. When it first hits, it’s really confusing and uncomfortable, you start to feel all sorts of things and everything starts to change within your body and mind. For me, it was really about letting go of the control that you think that you have because I realised that whenever I tried to control the changes that were happening, it didn’t work. So it was really a process of surrendering to this discomfort and to this uncertainty and allowing the energy to flow and change your perception of who you are – the ‘i’ that you once related to. There really was and is no other option but surrender, this was the most beautiful lesson and I think that this is what life is all about. It takes a lot of courage to let go and face the unknown but it is also exciting and the future, is always unknown. It’s a long process of the real you (I) surrendering to the dissolving concept and attachment to the idea of you (i) and letting your higher self guide you to liberation and guide you through this life. It hit me spontaneously and unexpectedly and there was nothing I could do about it other than to let it flow.”

Listen to J. Müller – ‘I Surrender i’ (Wolfgang Gray remix) – BELOW:

J.Muller, was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1988, to South African parents and a family of 7 siblings, where she grew up until she was 8. The family moved to Ireland for one year and then back to Cape Town before emigrating to England when she was ten years old and growing up in Dorset. She moved to London in 2007 to obtain a degree in Music from City University and formed the band, Black Forest Ghetto with a close group of friends she met at university. The band were together for four years until the mother city called her back to Cape Town in 2015, when the band parted ways.

“The past few years have been extremely challenging and extremely beautiful all at the same time. Cape Town was such a healing time for me. I read recently that there is no place that is a better healer than home and that’s exactly where I went.”

She has a thirst to learn more about the world that we live in and to question everything, even the question. A want to feel and experience more from life and to give back as much or even more than you take. An upcoming singer, dj, poet, dancer, and producer, she also has a thirst for philosophy and a message to deliver to the world as can and will be seen through her music and writings. “I think it’s important to share our experiences, I know that when this process began for me it was eye-opening, awe-inspiring and beautiful as well as extremely isolating, confusing, and uncomfortable. I know that I am not the only one who is going through an awakening of some sort and I think that it is very good to open a space for these kinds of things to be discussed, as I know that for me, there weren’t many people that I could talk to (apart from a few close friends). It’s an impossible experience to describe in words and to even understand, especially if you haven’t been through it but it is something that happens to us in life and I believe that it is happening more and more in the world, so let’s talk about it…”

‘I Surrender i’ is out on 16th February you can get it from iTunes + Spotify with the video on YouTube.

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