PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION share new single 'Tired Of Loving You' - Listen Now!

PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION share new single 'Tired Of Loving You' - Listen Now!

As all roads lead to an optimistic summer, the sun disappears behind lingering clouds of heartbreak courtesy of festival anthem-peddlers, Paris Youth Foundation, unfurling the billowing, white flag of romantic surrender in the sad majesty of Tired Of Loving You. As poised and as tense as any Hollywood ‘breakup or make-up’ cliff-hanger, the expansive, string-soaked single arrives on Fri 7 May 2021 via Frictionless Music ahead of a rumoured, imminent debut album announcement.

Growing as a band as real-life drama swirled around the inbox of frontman, Kevin Potter, every word and note of Paris Youth Foundation’s danceable tear-jerkers recall a lost night, a morning of regret and a hard-won pearl of wisdom entirely based on truth. Having landed without warning on festival main stages and the BBC Radio One playlist just weeks after forming, the finer points of the Liverpool five-piece’s craft have gradually formed around the hurt, reflection and rebirth of the charismatic singer. It’s a collection of songs worth waiting for.

Previous 2021 singles, The Back Seat and Tomorrow, have drawn listeners into late nights and the taxi journeys through the afterparty twilight, where the reality of a lost relationship slowly starts to dawn on two people who will forever be miles apart.

Potter says of the track: “Tired Of Loving You is about the exhausted feeling after a drawn-out breakup, realising that the calls from your ex in the middle of the night aren't because they miss you, but because they are too scared to admit it's over. Without honesty, that cycle of drunken missed calls could loop forever. Just two people who would rather keep putting themselves through this than admit it’s done. There are no happy endings like in the movies.”

Listen to 'Tired Of Loving You' - BELOW:

Itching to put their latest tracks to the test on stage, Paris Youth Foundation announced their first live date for 2021, performing at Sonic Wave in Birmingham on Sat 11 December 2021, alongside Vistas, The Sherlocks, Yonaka and more. In addition, their planned 2020 appearance at Leicestershire’s 110 Above Festival has been rescheduled to take place on Sat 14 August 2021.

The very scene of the recording of numerous hits from their own, cherished record collections, Paris Youth Foundation followed Blossoms, Courteeners, Echo and The Bunnymen and more into Parr Street Studios, Liverpool to lay down their life-to-date’s work with producer, Rich Turvey. Craving the stares and screams of their audiences, whether in the fields or sweaty indoor venues, what poured from them was as ambitious as it was honest.

Joining Potter is Tom Morris Jones and Jamie Hives on guitars, drummer Nathan Price and Mike Bower picking up bass guitar, coming together as a band during a hectic 2016, unconsciously channelling their admiration for the relatable, mainstream alt-rock godheads of Catfish and The Bottlemen, The 1975 and Sam Fender. Taking the baton and running with it, Paris Youth Foundation have since enjoyed packed UK tours, both as headliners and in support of bands including The Magic Gang, gathering a devoted, hard-won following.

The band’s name comes from graffiti spotted in a Metro Station in the French capital, remembered by Potter from a childhood visit and decided, spur of the moment, for the release of the band’s breakthrough debut, If You Wanna.

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