ON THE TURNTABLE: Various – With Love: Volume 1 compiled by Miche

Various - With Love: Volume 1 compiled by Miche

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Compilation albums are becoming more and more collectable nowadays. With vinyl sales going through the roof and pressings selling out quickly, it makes sense that crate diggers and selectors put these albums together so people like myself don’t have to sell body parts to be able to afford to buy the original releases. No matter how long you’ve been collecting, it’s impossible to ‘know it all’, and someone else’s playlist could be right up your street without ever having heard a song from it.

Step forward DJ and crate digger Miche who has fittingly put this double LP featuring 15 tracks together called ‘With Love’. Every track here is a banger; the majority are late 70s and early 80s, with the exception of Belita Woods superb heavy Soul number ‘Magic Corner’ from ‘69 (which happens to be my favourite on the album).

There’s plenty to go at here, though; Jazz Funk, Latin, Brazilian, Disco, Chicago Soul and Modern Soul all get a look in, and Miche quite clearly knows his onions, considering his younger years too. Yet another excellent release from the unstoppable Mr Bongo label.

Listen to Various – With Love: Volume 1 – BELOW:

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