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Eirewave founder Olivier Mauxion, originally from Angers in western France, is now very much at home in Ireland. Olivier came to Ireland for the music over a decade ago. He tried his hand at being a musician but realised that his calling was bringing established music to the masses.

From his base in Dun Laoghaire with an office base in Belfast, Olivier launched the digital radio station Eirewave in 2021. Originally only found online, Eirewave is now broadcast on a DAB signal from Glasgow and, as of early autumn, now also in the Manchester area.

I caught up with Olivier recently and asked him what is different about this particular digital offering. He enthused, “Eirewave is in a unique place, only playing British & Irish music”. Olivier says, “The melody in Ireland and Britain has something very different about it. Music is the star here”. Eirewave carries no advertisement breaks or news slots.

Eirewave founder Olivier Mauxion

The stats speak for themselves, with Eirewave attracting over 20,000 listeners per week that tune in for more than ten minutes per day. The current demographic is predominantly 24-49 year-olds. Olivier is constantly striking up partnerships with the music press and related outlets. One of their earliest partnerships was with XS Noize.

Founder and Chief Editor Mark Millar could immediately see the value in what Olivier was trying to achieve with Eirewave. Mark says, “When Olivier asked us to get involved with Eirewave, I didn’t think twice. The shows and music they play fit with everything we do at XS Noize – it was a no-brainer!”

Olivier has some big plans for Eirewave over the next 6-12 months, with Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff and London next on the DAB hit list. Olivier is keen to involve new artists he calls “under the radar” and would encourage them to reach out to him. Olivier aims to innovate how radio can begin to be immersed in what he refers to as “in the middle of real life”.

Olivier says, “we plan to bring Eirewave’s concept of 100% of the best British & Irish pop and rock music to life within the bar-music venue industry by basing our radio studios within the venue itself. It will become a hub for artists and fans. We are currently looking for a venue partner who could be interested.”


It certainly is an exciting concept. Here’s a quick summary of Eirewave’s typical weekly programme:


-7am: Rock the Clock with Ben Ellis  – Get the day going with great music, and all things pop rock

-12 noon: Lunchtime Lowdown with Terry Doyle- Beat the midday slump with fascinating musical anecdotes & interviews.

-5pm: Home Run with Lee Everest – Never miss a beat! Tune in for fun facts and gig announcements.


-11pm: The Britpop Show with David Marsden – The best Britpop music & interviews with celebrities. On December 12, Eirewave will have one of England’s greatest spinners co-hosting: Graeme Swann.


-11pm: Classic Rock with Paul Dower – The finest UK classic rock from the 60s & 70s.


-7pm: Retro Rewind with Alan Hyde – The best 80s & 90s hits.


-7am: Rock the Clock Weekend with Zac Smith


-12 noon: The Backstage Pass with Peter Kirkpatrick

Did you know that the song ‘One’ by U2 was originally two songs, that Sting wrote’ Walking On The Moon’ whilst suffering a strong hangover, and that ‘China Girl’ by David Bowie is a song about an impossible love with the wife of a French singer?

Peter takes you behind the scenes of Eirewave’s favourite hits, discovering exclusive anecdotes and revealing the stories behind the greatest British and Irish songs.

After the broadcast finishes, you can listen to The Backstage Pass as a podcast on all the platforms. Check it out here. For further information, see www.eirewave.co.uk.

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