NYC shape-shifter ADE releases the video for new single 'Junk in Orbit'


New York-based songwriter and producer ADE has unveiled “Junk In Orbit”, the first single taken from his forthcoming EP. Finding natural synergy between polished production and a distorted lo-fi feel, “Junk In Orbit” is an apocalyptic anti-anthem for the internet age. Blending distorted riffs with earworm instrumentals that wriggle and writhe like a muddled train of thoughts through our hyper-online heads, the track seesaws between fearful and feel-good in a beat.

Written during the confusion and claustrophobia of lockdown, Ade says:

“”Junk In Orbit” was born of the frustrations of my force-fed algorithmic exposure to the outside world during quarantine, a surreal feed of images, opinions and purported events that dangerously blurred the lines between news and “content”, and really distorted my perception of time. To be honest I’m still kind of adjusting to life in The Void.”

As darkly dystopian as it is danceable, the new track arrives as the first glimpse into Ade’s upcoming ‘Junk In Orbit’ EP arriving later this year. A collection of “pandemic songs” that play out like a cut-and-paste set of personal reflections for the artist, Ade explains:

“The depths of that first anxiety-riddled wave and the ensuing quarantine was, for many of us, an overwhelming house arrest moving simultaneously in slow-motion and hyper-speed. A glimpse into some dystopian, online future in which our primary experience of the outside world is through our feeds: often grotesque, unhinged and sloppily tailored algorithms bombarding us with misinformation, celebrity, political and systemic failure, Animal Crossing, cooking videos, conspiracy, astrology, unsolicited photos of our exes and any number of pre-pandemic ephemera.”

Blending these grim cultural observations with bubbling synths and fuzzy riffs, Ade adds:

“Looking back, it makes perfect sense that I gravitated towards distortion to express myself in pursuit of catharsis.”

Watch the video for 'Junk in Orbit' - BELOW:

After establishing himself as an innovative new voice in alt-pop with his abstract debut record last year, New York City singer-songwriter and producer Ade combines technological advancement and an eclectic range of personal influences.


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