VIDEO PREMIERE: NYC-based singer-songwriter and producer – ADE shares cinematic final track ‘One Of Us’


NYC-based singer-songwriter and producer – ADE – has shared “One Of Us”, his final track under his current moniker. Unravelling like a faded velvet curtain lowered at the end of a high-brow theatre performance or the end credits rolling at the end of a fuzzy ‘80s film, “One Of Us” marks a cinematic and synthy final chapter for the alt-pop artist.

A slo-mo and celestial pop ballad that fuses expansive instrumentals with climactic ‘60s rock inflections, Ade explains the story behind the track:

“”One Of Us” is a little slice of life — an obviously bad date that results in a one-night stand despite our participants’ better judgement and the paranoia and moral hangover that ensues.”

The track also arrives alongside a sardonic official video, equally as fit for the silver screen. Directed by Willem Holzer, the video stars Ade as a troubled bingo caller alongside “all [my] friends in our little community in NYC”, including Sasha Frolova, Kareem Rahma and Tor Miller.

“One Of Us” also arrives as the final release under the Ade moniker, and while the track may signify the end of an era for the artist, he isn’t turning the page on music-making quite yet. He adds:

“[Ade has been] an experiment from which I’ve learned so much, but whose time I feel has come to an end to make way for something new…”

After establishing himself as an innovative new voice in alt-pop with his abstract debut record ‘Midnight Pizza’ in 2021, New York City singer-songwriter and producer Ade combines technological advancement with an eclectic range of personal influences. Citing everything from Bjork to Beck and Backstreet Boys to Weezer as influences on his experimental sound, his own pioneering brand of pop straddles just about everything in between.

With Paste Magazine praising his ability to “harken back to a tried-and-true trope of infectious grooves with nihilistic undertones” and The Line of Best Fit lauding his “own undeniable style” that “toes the line between pop sensibilities and dancefloor inflections to create a sound that is wholly infectious”, Ade released his ‘Junk In Orbit’ EP at the end of last year. A testament to Ade’s ability to fuse grim cultural observations with infectious melodies and polished pop spatters, the EP featured “One Of Us” alongside apocalyptical anti-anthem and title-track “Junk In Orbit” and bedroom-pop meets pop-punk fusion “Ambivert”.

A collection of “pandemic songs” that play out like a cut-and-paste set of personal reflections for the artist, the Interstellar extended play was written during lockdown but feels just as prophetic and pertinent today. Reflecting on the EP, Ade says:

“The cast of the ‘Junk In Orbit’ EP is a sort of motley crew of paranoids trapped by their own internal contradictions — a frightened nihilist, a socially hypercritical shut-in, an insecure narcissist. Characters like these end up somewhere between acutely self-aware and completely oblivious, which is a blurry moral environment that interests me.”

Check out the video for ‘One Of Us’ – BELOW:


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