Liverpool band TONY STEELE & THE MASSACRE release new single, ‘Bound To Collide’ – Listen Now

Liverpool band TONY STEELE & THE MASSACRE release new single, 'Bound To Collide' - Listen Now

Tony Steele & The Massacre consists of singer-songwriter Tony Steele and his backing band, playing an explosion of Merseybeat Rock’n’Roll mixed with a twang of Americana to the honest and sometimes biographical lyrics of Tony’s.

They have toured with bands such as Cast, Alabama 3, Proud Mary and Pete Doherty, and play live regularly on the Liverpool music scene, usually selling out venues when they do.

There is plenty of experience in the band which includes lead guitarist Charlie Landsborough Jnr, the son of legendary Folk singer Charlie Landsborough. Drummer Nick Minski has played in some of the biggest bands to come out of Liverpool including The La’s and Cast. Bassist Pete MacParland has been with Tony from the start providing the upbeat notes to compliment Minski’s skiffle type drumming whilst creating harmonies to produce the perfect backdrop for Tony’s lead vocal.

‘Bound To Collide’ is the first single to be recorded with the new line up of the band and it’s a much more mature sound with a build up throughout, the music has grown up but it still has that beautiful Liverpudlian sound. This is their time.

Listen to ‘Bound To Collide’ – BELOW:



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