THE PALI GAP releases brand-new single ‘Philistine’ on August 16th

THE PALI GAP releases brand-new single ‘Philistine’ on August 16th

Introducing The Pali Gap, AKA singer/songwriter/guitarist Sanj Pali from Mitcham. Born in Clapham (South London) Sanj is half-Guyanese and half-Mauritian.

Next month he releases brand-new single ‘Philistine’ via Level/ADA. The song was recorded in Sanj’s home studio and features a blistering guitar solo from his cousin AJ from Canada – who only had 15 minutes to record it before catching a flight home. At one-point neighbours called the police due to the noise… “I had to hide all my guitars!” notes Sanj.

“The Pali Gap has always been my main project” explains Sanj. “and I collaborate with a number of musicians and artists. ” Most recently Hiro Ama (Teleman), who worked on a remix of the Pali Gap’s previous single ‘I’m Your Mother’ – the original version having been produced by Shuta Shinoda in between sessions with Hot Chip and Spiritualized.

Influenced by the likes of Tom Vek, Darwin Deez, Beck, and Gotye, Sanj says “I've always had a fascination for alternative solo acts and the minimalism which goes with it”.

Not one to shy away from an opportunity, Sanj once met Talvin Singh on Denmark Street. After a short chat numbers were swapped and a week later, they were jamming in Talvin’s flat. But Sanj’s biggest claim to fame has to be the time he met Verne Troyer in Wimbledon Nando’s. Sadly, a collaboration with Mini-Me never came to be…

Listen to a preview of 'Philistine’ - BELOW: 


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