LIVE REVIEW: Kasabian at The Engine Shed, Lincoln

LIVE REVIEW: Kasabian at The Engine Shed, Lincoln 1
Credit: Alina Salihbekova

Kasabian was formed in 1997 in Leicester. Ever since their first album was released in 2004, the band’s following has grown rapidly, and the amount of fans that attend their gigs has been massive ever since.

All of the U.K. dates of this year’s tour have already sold out. Recently Kasabian’s original vocalist Tom Meighan has left the band due to personal reasons. It was interesting to see how they will sound like now with Serge Pizzorno – the band’s lead guitarist and one of the original members on vocals. In addition, The Music’s Rob Harvey has joined the band for this tour and the fans have been actively praising him on social media.

Credit: Alina Salihbekova

As their first song, “Club Foot” started, it was clear that the sound is now slightly different. Not just because of the vocals, but the instrumentals now sound fresher and more modern. When the second song, “Ill Ray (The King)”, started it felt like nothing had changed, and the audience started singing along and jumping together with Serge. His energy was really there!

During “Underdog”, “You’re In Love With a Psycho”, “Bumblebee”, “Stevie”, and “Fast Fuse”, he only stopped dancing and jumping to check on the audience and interact with the fans. From “I.D.” right until “Vlad The Impaler”, almost no one was standing still even at the very back. People were dancing, not caring about anything, so it’s safe to say that whatever changes the band has made, they still got it, and their fans are still fully supporting them.

Credit: Alina Salihbekova

During four songs played during the encore, the audience started getting closer to the stage to get ready for the final song, Kasabian’s most popular single – “Fire”. Everyone was singing along. The number of happy faces leaving The Engine Shed was evidence that Kasabian is here to stay no matter what. Do yourself a favour and see them live if you have a chance.

Credit: Alina Salihbekova


Club Foot

Ill Ray (The King)


You’re in Love With a Psycho



Fast Fuse


Pinch Roller



Switchblade Smiles

Vlad the Impaler


Bless This Acid House


L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)


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