LEWIS CAPALDI nearly didn't bother finishing 'Someone You Loved'

LEWIS CAPALDI nearly didn't bother finishing 'Someone You Loved'

Lewis Capaldi almost missed out on his smash hit 'Someone You Loved' as he wasn't going to bother completing the track because he was fed up with writing songs about teenage romances. The 22-year-old Scottish star has admitted the hit song - which has spent seven weeks at number one in The Official UK Chart - which he penned about a teenage romance - was a last minute addition to his upcoming debut album, 'Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent', and he has confessed he couldn't be "bothered" finishing it at first, because he didn't want to write another heartbreak song.

Asked if he knew he had a potential chart-topper on his hands with 'Someone You Loved', Lewis told OfficialCharts.com: "No. Not at all. I never thought there would be a major breakthrough song.

"Even when 'Grace' went Top 40, I was like 'right, job done. Let's move onto the album'. I just thought I'd put it on an album and see how it does.

"I started writing the melodies like six months before I finished it.

"Then I was like 'I won't finish this, the album is finished anyway.

"I can't be bothered writing another song about a relationship I had when I was 19-years-old. F**k this.'"

The humble singer/songwriter also teased that fans can expect his record - which is released on May 17 - to be "jam-packed with big, sexy sad-bangers", but there is also an "upbeat" number in the form of 'Hollywood', which he can't wait for the world to hear.

He said: "I'm excited for everyone to hear a song called 'Hollywood'.

"It's upbeat and people haven't heard an upbeat song from me before. There's a ballad on there called 'One' that I'm quite excited about.

"That's actually a love song as opposed to all these depressing, heartbreak songs I've been doing for a long time.

"There's a song called 'Baby' as well which is pretty good. You know what, it's f**king jam-packed with big, sexy sad-bangers."

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