LEWIS CAPALDI is learning to play the piano on the advice of Sir Elton John

Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi is learning to play the piano on the advice of Sir Elton John, who recommended he perform a track with just the instrument for his fans. The 23-year-old Scottish musician spent time with Elton, 72, and his “lovely” family on board the ‘Tiny Dancer’ singer’s yacht in August and during one conversation the ‘Rocket Man’ hitmaker told Lewis it would be great if he did a solo performance on the piano at his gigs.

Speaking at the Q Awards at The Roundhouse in London on Wednesday (16.10.19), he revealed: “Elton asked me what my live set-up was and I said, ‘I’ve got the band and I play the guitar and I sing a bit.’ And he said to me, ‘Next time you do a tour, do a song on the piano, people would love to see it.’ I’m gonna do it.”

When asked if he’d be up for being taught by piano master Elton, the ‘Someone You Loved’ singer said: “Ah f**k, that’d be lovely wouldn’t it. That’d be great. The thing is, I’m lazy as f**k. If I didn’t start playing the guitar when I was nine I’d have gone, ‘F**k that, too many strings.’

“But I’m going to give it a go and to try my best and think, ‘Remember, Elton John said you should do this. Sir Elton.’  Lewis admits he had the best time with Elton and the pair spent a lot of time playing each other songs that they like. He said: “I f***ing loved it … It ended up just me and him showing each other songs that we liked on his iPad, which is something I’ve done with my friends with a cable in my car.

Now it’s with f***ing Elton John! It’s crazy. But he was lovely, and he said if anything you ever want to talk about, or need advice, just give me a call. The whole thing was just brilliant.”

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