Laurence 'Loz' Colbert & Steve Queralt of Ride on new album 'Interplay'

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In the captivating Episode #166 of The XS Noize Podcast, host Mark Millar engages in a profound conversation with Ride's Laurence 'Loz' Colbert and Steve Queralt, delving into the intricacies of their highly anticipated seventh studio album, 'Interplay.'

Scheduled for release on March 29th, Interplay marks a significant milestone for the Oxford-based quartet, being their third album since their reunion in 2014. Surpassing the duration of their original 90s phase, Ride has maintained their iconic status as shoegaze pioneers and evolved and embraced new sonic territories.

Following the success of Weather Diaries (2017) and This Is Not A Safe Place (2019), which reignited the Ride spark, the upcoming album promises to continue the journey. Produced by the band alongside Richie Kennedy and skillfully mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer, Interplay weaves together the frenzied guitar attacks, hypnotic grooves, and dreamy melodic hooks from their early work. Inspired by 80s pop gems like Tears For Fears, Talk Talk, and early U2, the album explores a more expansive sonic template.

In the interview, Loz and Steve navigate the depths of Interplay, offering insights into the band's split and reformation. Additionally, they reflect on their impressive back catalogue, discussing favourite Ride songs and providing listeners with a nostalgic journey through the band's musical evolution. This conversation is a compelling exploration of Ride's enduring legacy and their continued innovation in alternative rock.

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Ride - Interplay

Ride - Interplay tracklist:

Peace Sign

Last Frontier

Light in a Quiet Room


I Came to See the Wreck

Stay Free

Last Night I Came Somewhere to Dream

Sunrise Chaser

Midnight Rider

Portland Rocks


Yesterday is Just a Song

The new album 'Interplay' by Ride is out March 29th.


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