KEAN FARRAR Shares New Single ‘Always Come Around’ – Produced by Platinum-certified hitmaker Stickle

KEAN FARRAR Shares New Single ‘Always Come Around’ - Produced by Platinum-certified hitmaker Stickle

Kean Farrar’s alternative R&B casts a magnetic allure on listeners. The 21-year-old has become an insider tip following a handful of underground tracks, earning praise from tastemakers and attention from the fashion world. The emergence of the Persian-American artist is set to accelerate with the release of his new single ‘Always Come Around’. 

Produced by Platinum-certified hitmaker Stickle, ‘Always Come Around’ pulsates with the irresistible sensuality that defines Kean’s music. The result is forward-thinking R&B for 2021, with some nostalgic, old school touches.

Kean wanted to establish a specific mood for the track and that’s actually what he achieved. He aimed for the track to fit seamlessly into the vibe of a specific scenario. That setting, he explains, was, “A summer night in Los Angeles in 2003. You’re in the backseat of a black Escalade on the way to your lover. Warm wind blows in through the open windows as you head up the backroads of the Hollywood Hills. Hot 97 is on and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Señorita’ is fading out as Funkmaster Flex announces the next record…”

Listen to ‘Always Come Around’ – BELOW:

Kean’s attention-grabbing debut ‘Heartthrob’ explored using sex as an antidote to alienation, but his lyrics go beyond this. Inspired by growing up in Berlin, its hedonistic nightlife provides a wealth of inspiration. But as with major cities all over the globe, it’s so easy to feel alone amongst millions of other people. Ultimately, he covers a spectrum of emotions: from party-starting energy to reflective melancholy.

In addition to Stickle, Kean has collaborated with producers and songwriters such as Matty Benbrook (Lana Del Rey, Paolo Nutini) and Hiten Bharadia (Craig David, Disciples). He also co-writes for other artists, including an 8 million streamed smash from the artist Left Boy, now known as Ferdinand.

Between his artistry, striking image and personality, Kean has also been embraced by style media. He featured in a Jefferson Hack x Underground shoot for Dazed, modelled UNIQLO’s winter collection for SLEEK, and graced GQ Japan.

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