INTERVIEW with Toronto-based indie-alternative outfit GelaX

INTERVIEW with Toronto-based indie-alternative outfit GelaX

Toronto-based indie-alternative outfit GelaX unveiled the music video, “Voodoo,” recently, a track from their latest EP, Dreamonic. Directed by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Gelareh Keyvani, the video reveals Gelareh’s sorceress-like application of light and shadow, visual pacing, and flawless camera angles, culminating in mesmerizing cinematic development.

Amalgamated with the electrifying avant-garde art-rock music, brimming with dark dangerous flavours, the video produces an enthralling audio-visual experience akin to something out of a Neronian fantasy. Tribal-like percussion and oozing ominous colours imbue the tune with provocative, sinister leitmotifs, intertwining into darkly throbbing, thrumming textures.

Formed in Toronto, Canada, GelaX reveals the sonic wizardry of Gelareh Keyvani and Tareq, who both escaped from the persecution of dictator ruled countries. Once unshackled, their artistic creativity resulted in mind-blowing music, like last year’s “Mr Square.”

Talking about their sound, GelaX shares, “We sew together various textures and colours of sound and images, tapping into our darker sides, towards a hopeful and humbling conclusion. We don’t like restrictions, labels or genres.”

At once surreal and frenetic, the video for “Voodoo” depicts images at times quiet and soothing, while at times drenched in shape-shifting images displaying unnerving images, such as Gelareh’s head on a bed of lettuce, followed by Tareq eating from the salad.

Because of the trompe l’oeil effect of the visuals and the unparalleled intoxication of the music, XS Noize spoke with GelaX to discover more about how the video was made, how GelaX began creating together, and what’s next for GelaX.

What three things can’t you live without?

Hmmm! I guess criticism, sarcasm and potatoes

What inspired your new single/music video “Voodoo?”

I had a lot of plans to make this video but due to covid and financial issues, I had to make a music video at home with the things I had.

You directed the video, which is an amazing piece of visual art. Did the video turn out as you envisioned it?

I have a very meticulous mind and what I make has to come out exactly the way I see it, if not I probably won’t use it. In this case, there were some scenes I wish I had more equipment, but they were close enough for me to make an exception.

What do you want viewers to take away from the video?

What I see as crazy might be very normal to someone else or vice versa. In ”Voodoo,” the person having a human head on the table might seem crazy while he sees the head on the table deforming as odd.

How did you get started in music? What’s the backstory there? 

I started singing before I moved to Canada from Iran, but since women are not allowed to sing in my country, I had to reside elsewhere to be able to pursue my musical dreams. The night I arrived in Canada I posted several ads on different platforms to start a band and 2 months later Gelax formed.

How did you and Tareq get together? 

So, one of the people who replied to my ads was Tareq and since we had similar musical tastes we started to work on songs and from there we started the band.

Which musicians/vocalists influenced you the most?

That’s a tough one! I get influenced every day by different artists but to name a few I would say Depeche Mode, Florence Welch, George Michael, Gas Coombes, Portishead and of course Michael Jackson. The latest band I’ve discovered is De Staat. I really like his approach in the lyrical context.

Which bands in your opinion are killing it right now?

Balthazar, Glass Animals, Nothing but Thieves and many more.

Any advice for young female artists just getting started?

Be original. Don’t copy others especially on social media, that’ll be forgotten in 2 days, but your original art will always be inspirational

The big question — Why do you make music?

I think not making music will be the biggest regret of my life until death

What’s next for you?

We’re in the process of making our debut album and hopefully touring after that.

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