Hurricane #1 Front-man Alex Lowe receives death threat over single artwork

Hurricane #1 Front-man Alex Lowe receives death threat over single artwork 2

Hurricane #1 Front-man Alex Lowe received a death threat today on the eve of the release of their new single 'I Wanna Kill You'. The band have had to rush forward new artwork to be ready for the single release tomorrow June 3rd. 

Alex says - "I woke up this morning to emails saying to take the artwork down and that I was condoning war because the artwork shows planes dropping bombs etc. It's rubbish I don't condone war. I'm a singer in a band, I couldn't believe it. There was one email that really got to me and I thought I don't need the hassle at my house. I'm not scared of them, I will fight anyone but I was afraid of somebody coming to my house when I was away and hurting my family. These people said they would put a bomb at my house and come to gigs and throw petrol bombs. So instead of putting  my family and fans at risk I had to take the artwork down. At the end of the day it's not the artwork it's the music that's in the artwork that matters."

Listen to 'I Wanna Kill You' BELOW:

"Everyone thinks it's about war and killing and bombing people, but it's not. It's got nothing to do with that at all. It's about killing cancer and destroying it from within. The song is about killing all diseases. It lets down the fans because they always love the Hurricane #1 artwork. The photo we used was aeroplanes dropping bombs on some tyranny who was trying to kill us in the first place, but it's about cancer and these idiots are trying to look at it in a different way by saying I condone war."

I Wanna Kill You is a ferocious snarling in your face rock and roll song about front-man Alex Lowe’s battle with cancer.

“It’s about any disease that you get. You want to get rid of it as soon as you can. I remember having cancer and knowing it was inside me and I just wanted to kill it and get fucking rid of it, that’s basically what I’m singing about. It’s about killing an illness to get better”.


Hurricane#1 - 'I Wanna Kill You' new artwork

Hurricane #1 will be playing live shows later in the year. 'I Wanna Kill You' is released June 3rd and available on iTunes & Amazon.

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