FREDDIE LONG shares new single ‘In Your Arms’

FREDDIE LONG shares new single ‘In Your Arms’

London-based newcomer Freddie Long has quickly built a grassroots following, amassing a million streams each for his first two EPs ‘These Darker Days’ and ‘Blessed Or Cursed’ and then another million alone for his most recent single ‘The Nowhere Times’.

Complemented by mounting critical acclaim plus shows for The Great Escape and BBC Introducing, Freddie Long today releases his brand new single ‘In Your Arms’. It’s released via his own Banana Split Records label, with distribution from Sony.

‘In Your Arms’ finds Freddie sharpening the sonics that have soundtracked his rise so far. It’s the result of two stylistic approaches which converge entirely naturally: dark-hued alt-pop flavoured by fierce dynamics and bursts of warm, live instrumentation, and the unabashed honesty of his singer-songwriter roots. Freddie wrote and produced ‘In Your Arms’ with Anders Hojer, who’s best known for his work on James Arthur’s Gold-certified ‘Falling Like The Stars’. Joe Smithson also co-wrote the song.

Lyrically, it’s a song that speaks candidly of a specific experience that so many of his generation have gone through. Hedonism has been an escape from the pressures of finding your place in society and the superficiality of social media, but unexpected love provides a rare sense of meaning. But are you good enough to make the most of the opportunity?

“I enjoy listening to music that brings out different emotions, so I wanted to bring that into this song,” says Freddie. “The chorus acknowledges that person who has helped you through hard times and is always a shoulder to lean on. I wanted to keep the versus true to myself, and make them a bit more moody with some darker characteristics. I think the difference between this and my previous music is the smaller details of sounds we used throughout. Me and Anders talked about ideas that could bring more character to the instrumental, so we experimented with things like strange synths, reversing vocal recordings and other interesting details.”

Listen to ‘In Your Arms’ – BELOW:

The ‘In Your Arms’ artwork features Freddie sporting one of a small range of bespoke custom fit clothing that he created alongside the contemporary fashion innovator Charli Cohen. The pair used old military clothing as the foundation, personalising each with sewing, painting or stitching on curated items to create ten looks that are exclusive and personal to Freddie.

Fashion has been a key element of Freddie’s rise to date. For his very first selection of merch, he tie-dyed hoodies and sewed on patches to create a small run of unique clothing. He later collaborated with Levi’s to design his own jeans and denim jacket, both of which the iconic brand sold online. His passion for visual designs also inspires all of the aesthetics around his music.

Originally from Sussex, Freddie Long developed a distinctive sound that offers comfort, heartbreak and inspiration in equal measure with songs that feel like a revealing message from a friend. Issues of mental health are never too far from his lyrics, and he previously collaborated with the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) when he write the song ‘Hope’ to help build awareness around male suicide, related mental health issues, and the benefits of being able to share your struggles.

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