FIRST CLASS & COACH unveil video for new single 'Neon Hip' - Watch Now

FIRST CLASS & COACH unveil video for new single 'Neon Hip' - Watch Now

First Class & Coach are proud to present the video to accompany their most recent single ‘Neon Hip’, released on FIFA Records.

Created in 3D by FC&C bassist Jonathan Parson (, the film is a response to the themes found in the FC&C song. The music and lyrics were inspired by Chris Gough - a friend of Reuben’s who moved to California, led a full life but then fell ill and ultimately died there.

Jonathan states that ‘the visual concept and themes respond directly to the core content of the track – Chris’s love of all things music, particularly electronica and retro synths. And who doesn’t love the notion of cruising a Dodge Charger on the California highways?!’

Visually, all is as you might expect in relation to the lyrics ‘sunny drive, a cheap slice’ – ‘Korea town, something nice’. However, a shift happens that brings us out of this bucolic reality and points us in another direction.

Jonathan continues, ‘Musically, there is a transition in the track leading to the extended outro, that denotes a departure of sorts. I wanted something to happen here that delivers on that concept. We have left it open to viewers to consider what that shift represents, rather than be too prescriptive in its meaning, literal or otherwise.’

Watch ‘Neon Hip’ - BELOW:

‘Neon Hip’ is the second single from the upcoming second album by First Class And Coach – album to be released later in 2022.

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