Cultural Specificities: What Kind of Music Is Listened to in Different Countries

Cultural Specificities: What Kind of Music Is Listened to in Different Countries
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Description: What kinds of music are popular in different countries? Why do people prefer listening to different music? Let’s find out the answers.

The world of music is enormous. There are dozens of various music styles and genres, pop groups, musicians, and composers in different countries. It is important to note that people from different nations might be fond of listening to completely different kinds of music. So, how cultural specificities impact people’s music tastes? Discover the freshest facts on this exciting topic right in this post.

Before You Start 

There is nothing new that diving into the world of music might take you lots of time. Not only you might discover new genres, but you can also easily find out exceptional musicians that will make you listen to music for hours. But what if you are a busy student and don’t have enough time to enjoy exploring new music styles? You might be loaded with tons of assignments and fail to have free time for listening to your favourite tunes and hobbies. Fortunately, there is a solution to such a common issue. You can order an essay on a reliable academic writing service, pay to do homework, and get your paper done within the shortest terms. This way, you will get an opportunity to listen to new kinds of music without any limitations. So, what music genres do people from different countries prefer listening to?

The United States 

Being one of the most multi-cultural countries all over the world, the United States can boast of having musicians, singers, and composers of almost all genres you can imagine. Due to incredible cultural diversity, it might be difficult to distinguish the most popular genres in the country. One of the most demanding genres throughout the country is pop music. The number of its admirers is really impressive – thousands of Americans prefer listening to pop tunes in their free time. It is also worth mentioning that American pop music is also one of the most popular genres worldwide – you can hardly find a country where people have never heard of Madonna or Michael Jackson. Among the other well-known artists are Rihanna, Beyonce, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, and many others.

The second type of music that remains in great request in numerous states for years is Latin music. Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, and other superstars of the hot 90th are still popular in the country.

The third place in the top genres in the United States goes to rock music. The country has hundreds of various rock groups that gather thousands of fans at the concerts and earn millions of dollars. The industry of rock music has started developing in the 80th and still continues to be on the rise.


The preferences of Europeans are very diverse. In most countries, people prefer listening to the local pop musicians, as well as American superstars. Among the most popular genres are also Metal, Rock, Punk, Techno, R&B, and even Jazz. The number of Blues and Classical music fans is not very high. Disco and Indie music has numerous enthusiasts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Italy. Moreover, Scandinavian countries have many supporters of ethnic music, while people in Spain and Portugal often prefer listening to Latin music. Electro is a music style that is very demanding in many Eastern European countries.


The musical preferences of Asian people significantly differ from the European and American ones. Most people in Asia enjoy listening to local dance music. However, Japan and South Korea have thousands of enthusiasts who are fond of American pop musicians. That is why numerous English-speaking music stars often schedule concerts in these two countries. Hip-hop, punk rock, rock, and heavy metal are less popular in Asia than in European countries.

In case you would like to try listening to the most popular Asian music, you might try K-pop (related to South Korea) or J-pop (related to Japan). If you prefer hip-hop musicians, the most well-known are Keith Ape, Zico, Epik High, and CL. As for China, most people in the country are still listening to traditional folk music.

South America 

Most people in South America are keen on Latin music that allows them to dance a lot and have fun in their free time. However, the number of popular genres is not limited to Latin music only. For example, people in Argentina and Brazil can listen to psychedelic music for hours. Psyche bands are still very demanding in those countries.

All in all, people in different countries might have completely different music tastes regardless of their origin. For example, there are crowds of people in cold Scandinavian countries who can’t imagine their lives without Latin music. You can easily try listening to ethnic music that is popular in different countries, choose your favourite styles, and explore the global music environment to find something special. Music is really variegated, so you will definitely find a genre that will fit all your needs and tastes.


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