ALBUM REVIEW: Tycho – Weather Remixes


ALBUM REVIEW: Tycho - Weather Remixes

On December 18, electronic dream-pop artist Tycho, aka Scott Hansen, will release Weather Remixes via  Mom + Pop x Ninja Tune, featuring reimagined versions of the eight tracks from last year’s Weather, the recipient of a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

On his debut, Past Is Prologue, Tycho merged chillwave textures with restless IDM, followed by Dive, which was more relaxed but still maintained sonic touches parallel to Past Is Prologue. With his next two releases, Awake and Epoch, Tycho diverged into creamier dream-pop savours flavoured by pristine guitars. Weather adhered to layered dream-pop washes infused with luxurious patterns, while adding a new variation – prominent vocals provided by Saint Sinner, aka Hannah Cottrell – imbuing the songs with the customary dream-pop arrangement.

Weather Remixes offers interpretations by eight talented artists, beginning with Mild Minds’ reworking of “Easy,” opening on sparkling colours riding a thrumming rhythm of percolating beats. Interweaving leitmotifs imbue the harmonics with delicious departures of the primary descant, adding transient novelty. Highlights include “Pink & Blue (RAC Remix),” with its trickling pop tinges, rumbling syncopated rhythm, and airy, delicate vocals. When the tune escalates, rippling with layers of gleaming hues, it trembles with surging-lite energy.

The low-slung Satin Jackets Remix of “Japan” flutters atop a fat bassline, while tasty, translucent vocals glide overhead, giving the lyrics a plush sophsti-pop fabric reminiscent of Sade, only more ethereal. Provocative and sensual, the rhythm hints at erotic indulgence. “For How Long,” remixed by Harvey Sutherland, rolls out on retro suggestions of ‘70s disco steeped in jazz colourants. Dewy vocals inject the lyrics with glossy, atmospheric filaments, at once weightless and frothy.

“No Stress (Com Truise Remix) delivers relishes of trap rhythmic pulses capped by luminous, swirling tones. An enigmatic female voice imbues the lyrics with cap a pie silkiness, nonchalant on one level, yet nuanced with smooth, ovoid inflexions on another level.

Singularly imaginative, Weather Remixes delivers swanky, alluring, innovative reworks of Tycho’s Weather.

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