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Festivals are back on the menu in the USA. Just make sure you get your ESTA application sorted out before making concrete plans.

The situation regarding the coronavirus in America is improving rapidly. As a result, large events such as parties and festivals are taking place once again. Here you can read which major festivals are on the menu for summer 2022. Are you looking to attend one of these events in the USA? Remember to make an ESTA application before booking your flight tickets.

COVID-19 relaxations in the USA

The United States is the country that has been most affected by the coronavirus. To date, close to a million deaths from the virus have been reported in the country. However, the situation has been steadily improving, with vaccinations becoming more and more widespread. The country is even trying to encourage people to get vaccinated by offering rewards such as entrance tickets or lottery tickets.

As a result, daily life in the USA is slowly returning to normal. Restaurants and bars are full again and several American states like Texas have even abolished all COVID-19 rules altogether. Are you planning to travel to the USA to visit a festival? Here you can find out which American festivals are likely to take place this summer.

American hip hop festivals in 2022

Mark these dates in your agenda:

– Bonnaroo Music Festival – Manchester, Tennessee: June 16-19
– Summerfest – Milwaukee, Wisconsin: June 23 – July 9
– Northern Nights – Piercy, California: July 15-17
– Summer Smash Festival – Chicago, Illinois: July 17-19
– Rolling Loud – Miami, Florida: July 22-24
– Hard Summer – San Bernadino, California: July 29-31
– Hive Music Festival – Salt Lake City, Utah: 6-7 August
– North Coast Music Festival – Chicago, Illinois: 2-4 September
– Life is Beautiful Festival – Las Vegas, Nevada: 17-19 September

ESTA application and checking travel restrictions

As you can see, you have more than enough events to choose from. However, to visit a festival in the USA, you need an ESTA or a visa. If you’re from Europe or the UK, an ESTA is the cheaper option, since you can just get it online. So no visit to the embassy or anything like that. After filling out the application form for the ESTA and paying the fees, you will receive the ESTA by email within three days.

While COVID-19 may be largely under control in the USA, there are still some rules in place you need to keep in mind. These rules change on a regular basis, so always check a few days in advance what the current rules are. Right now, proof of vaccination is mandatory when travelling to the USA. You must also take a pre-departure test, even if you are fully vaccinated. If you have COVID-19 or similar symptoms, you cannot travel to the USA. The cost of an approved ESTA cannot be reimbursed, but because an ESTA is valid for two years, you can still use it for a trip later in the year or even next year. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the ESTA is linked to the passport used to apply for it, meaning you can’t switch passports during this period. If you do, the ESTA instantly becomes invalid.

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