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What's new from Billy Bibby & the Wry Smiles? The answer to that question happens to be another question: 'Together?' which is the title of the band's latest track, releasing Friday, 2nd March. BBC Radio Wales' Adam Walton premiered the song on his BBC Introducing show, praising its "Bowiesque rollicking psychedelia."

Billy explains, "'Together?' is something I wanted to write so that it would push the boundaries of Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles' sound but still maintaining the hooks that I personally always look for when writing a song. I don't personally like going into too much detail about the lyrics but hearing them for yourself you'd probably figure out that it's about a love triangle of sorts told from the perspective as the outsider of the three. I wanted to see how I could make the verse and chorus fit together but at the same time have them quite different in sound. The verse seems quite happy and then the chorus comes in hard and to the point! Live, this song isn't one to be missed because before we even released it people have been starting mosh pits as the last chorus kicks in! And we all need a song like that, right?"

A busy summer and autumn in 2017 were followed by a brief winter lull in touring for Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles but the band is indeed together, better than ever, well-rehearsed and ready to hit the road again with more than a dozen dates in March & April.

Listen to 'Together?' - BELOW:

Aficionados of Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles will notice some changes to the lineup. Joining Billy and original bass player Matt Thomas are two new Smiles. Lead guitar duties now fall to the fast and fierce fingers of Tom Hill, whilst sticks and kicks at the kit come courtesy of the able Ailís Mackay. (That's pronounced "AY-lish", by the way).

Bass player Matt Thomas confides that he feels quite optimistic about the season ahead: "We've done some pretty good business in the winter transfer window. We've brought in a young lad from Spain in Tom who has experience in playing on the continent, and he could add that extra bit of flair that we've been after. Ailís is the perfect fit for us, with natural talent and composure in abundance. Her discipline record hasn't been great with 7 red cards in 2 years but you can't deny she has raw talent."

Indeed, lead guitar and globetrotter Tom Hill, age 20, has already lived, studied & strummed in three countries: the UK, Spain, and the US. Tom was born in North Yorkshire, but called Spain home for 14 years of his life. It was there, at the age of 9, that exposure to Green Day's American Idiot sparked his interest in learning guitar. By age 17, his skills on the instrument allowed him to cross the Atlantic to America, spending a year on scholarship at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Tom Hill on lead guitar. Photo © Eleanor Freeman

Drummer Ailís don't-you-dare-call-me-eyelash Mackay, hails from Cheshire, UK. She took up drumming at age 12, figuring it was the path of least resistance into her school soul band amidst an overabundance of singers and guitarists. Not only did she get the gig, but she fell in love with the drums and has been keeping time, writing songs, and gigging ever since. A drum cover video uploaded to YouTube and Facebook hit Billy's radar culminating in a successful audition and offer to join the band. At 19, Ailís is the youngest member of the ensemble, albeit wise beyond her years.

Ailís Mackay at the kit. Photo © Eleanor Freeman

Ailís and Tom look forward to rocking venues across the UK as part of the foursome Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles, along with Billy and Matt. Please get in touch for press and photo passes to experience the latest single 'Together?' and a live repertoire of original songs than can no longer fit into a single setlist.

TOUR DATES (More to come)
02 Chester | Telford's Warehouse
06 Manchester | Jimmy's
15 Cardiff | Gwdihŵ
16 Leeds | Verve Bar
17 Sheffield | The Leadmill | supporting The SSS [SOLD OUT]
23 Birmingham | The Flapper | supporting Big Ginger Kid
30 Nottingham | The Toll Bar
31 Liverpool | EBGBS
01 Merthyr Tydfil | The New Crown Inn
05 Dunfermline | PJ Molloys
06 Glasgow | The Record Factory
14 Selby | Test Fest
21 Bolton | The Blind Tiger | supporting Twisted Wheel

Dates are constantly being added. Check HERE for the latest gig info or go to


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