ASYLUMS share a video of a day in the life of a record label and their writing process – Watch Now


Asylums release their fantastic new album Genetic Cabaret on July 17th 2020 on Cool Thing Records. The album was recorded with legendary recording engineer and sound alchemist Steve Albini (In Utero by Nirvana, Rid Of Me by PJ Harvey, Surfa Rosa by Pixies).

Today Luke Branch from the band has created a short Youtube video of a day in the life of a record label and the writing process for Asylums. Check it out below.

Moving on from the neon ride of the first album Killer Brain Waves and the bold exploration that was Alien Human Emotions, Genetic Cabaret is a seething tandem of beauty and ire. To theme, it is to expect a riot to keep within the lines but look forward to political puzzling from protesting hearts, a pop-punk pop at the establishment, a demand for something else. This is a band of brothers who have realised they are not boys anymore. Gone are the days of kicking stones about their seaside town. Asylums have learned how to articulate their hearts and weaponise their conscience. The prelude to parenthood (vocalist/guitarist Luke Branch recently became a father for the first time) brings a new vital urgency to their work. These are the times to demand more, not just for yourself, but for the future.

Genetic Cabaret Track Listing:

1: Catalogue Kids

2: Platitudes

3: A Perfect Life In A Perfect World

4: A Town Full Of Boarded Up Windows

5: Clean Money

6: Who Writes Tomorrows Headlines?

7: The Distance Between Left & Right

8: The Miracle Age

9: Adrenaline Culture

10: Yuppie Germs

11: Genetic Cabaret

12: Dull Days

Asylums have also announced a headline show at The Moth Club on October 24th.

Tickets are available here:

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